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What is Surprise Wine Club?

Surprise Wine Club members receive each month a tailor-made basket of 3 different wines chosen by us to suit the season and your preferences. 

Why join Surprise Wine Club?

  • You like the thrill of surprises.
  • You love trying out new wines (we do!)
  • You want to have wines delivered to your doorsteps hassle-free (check that to-do list). 
  • We have 100+ types of wines from different regions in Italy, almost all from family-owned grower-winemakers. We will select your wine basket based on the season, your wine preference and any special occasion. On each delivery you will receive a personalised record of the wines you have received, so you don't even have to keep track. 
  • You get the wines at around 20% less than buying outside of the Wine Club. We promise no repetition of wine within a quarter (unless you ask us to repeat), and we guarantee return or replacement if you are not fully satisfied.  

Choice of Wine Baskets:

Option 1: Basket Misto

3 bottles of MIXED types of wine each month, including at least one red and one white, plus one surprise!  Each subscription is for 3 months at HK$2,100 (i.e. HK$700 per month on average, delivery included)

Option 2. Basket Rosso

3 bottles of different RED wines (so three red surprises!) each month. Each subscription is for 3 months at HKD2,400 (i.e. HKD800 per month on average, delivery included)

Option 3. Basket Bianco

3 bottles of different WHITE wines (so three white surprises!) each month. Each subscription is for 3 months at HKD1,800 (i.e. HKD600 per month on average, delivery included)

How to join?

When you subscribe to a Basket, you become a member. We will contact you to find out your food and wine preferences, and any special occasions you may be planning! 

Please note that you will agree to our Terms and Conditions (refer to Info section).

If you have questions, please use the following form to contact us:

Surprise Wine Club Enquiry Form

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Mobile number is preferred. Please let us know if you prefer text message by WhatsApp.
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If your question is about offline payment option: we accept payment via bank transfer (see Info/Payment & Pricing section). You may write your order here with accurate and clear delivery address, and we will contact you after receiving your message. Do you prefer to be contacted by phone, email, or WhatsApp messaging?