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We set up Story Wine in 2014 with the mission to bring beautiful wines from small-scale wineries in different corners of Italy to Hong Kong.

 By “beautiful” we mean the wines are made from grapes that are nurtured with love and respect for nature, and transformed into wines by artisans that are very often perfectionists (read: stubborn winemakers) as they want their wines to be fantastic in taste and good for the body.

 While our professional wine education provides us the basic (both Gloria and Joseph have attained the WSET Level 3 certification; Gloria obtained her Wine Diploma after 9 months of study at Le Cordon Bleu Paris), we believe that knowing wines takes a lifetime.

 The journey to getting to know our winemakers is almost as fascinating as the winemakers themselves. We have visited all of them at their vineyards, some for multiple times in different seasons. Some of them are astonishingly young (read: younger than us) and some slightly more advanced in age. All are admirable and adorable because they are dedicated, talented and passionate about what they do. While not all choose to conquer the challenging process of organic certification, they all take great care of their vineyards and the wine making process knowing that their loved ones will be drinking the wines.

 We sometimes suspect it is less difficult finding good wines in Italy than bringing them to our customers in Hong Kong -  Italy is the largest wine producing country by volume and the origin of the largest number grape varieties. One of the challenges is to ensure that each wine keeps its distinct characteristics after a journey of more than 9500 kilometres from home. And wines have to pair with taste preference, mood, occasion and season. Are we not like a guardian-cum- matchmaker?

 We are targeting a niche segment of wine market in Hong Kong and to become your trusted wine merchant. We hope you will like the wines in our portfolio and would like to hear your feedback. You will find from our Facebook page that we love travelling, discovering great kitchens and of course, enjoying lovely wines of big or small fame.


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